Baby Momma

Before coming to Carolinas Fertility Institute, we had been told that we had exhausted all other options and would likely need IVF in order to conceive.  A friend had previously recommended Dr. Yalcinkaya, so I gave him a call on what ended up being his cell phone.  He talked with me for more than 30 minutes and invited me to visit his new office the next day.  By “new office” I do not mean the beautiful WS office that exists now.  In that first week of CFI’s foundation, Dr. Y and Jennifer Nicks worked out of some empty office space with no computers, a box of hard copy files, and a few pieces of equipment.

Dr. Y had the reputation of a miracle-worker with his former employer, and despite the sparse surroundings, I trusted that I was in good hands.

In my first meeting with Dr. Y we spent another 45 minutes talking about my family, my health, my age (older than most new moms), my goals and dreams, and he listened and consoled me and told me right then and there that he would help me have a baby.  I visited CFI every week or two for the next few months for ultrasounds to see if my body would finally start working again.  Another doctor had previously treated a pituitary microadenoma which had likely been growing for years, but even with the prolactin levels under control, I still was not ovulating.

I will never forget the day Jennifer (who has been with Dr. Y from day one) screamed when she saw the little egg about to burst from my ovary – the first egg “to drop” in what we estimated to be 6 to 8 years.  We both giggled with excitement and I was shaking!

Nine months later on April 18, 2015, our son Sam arrived weighing in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces.  Sam was the first CFI baby born, the #1 son, our miracle boy.

A few months ago I brought Sam by to meet Dr. Y and Jennifer and thank them in person for making me a mommy.  Walking Sam around the new office space with all of the advanced equipment, scientists, doctors and staff, I was amazed and excited for all of the people Dr. Y would be able to help.  I’m not sure that I have ever been more proud or humbled.  I saw nervous parents in the waiting room dreaming of being in my position one day.  With Dr. Y’s expertise, experience, kindness and thoughtful nature, I have no doubt they will achieve success.


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