Dear CFI patients and Family, 

We are carefully monitoring COVID-19 (Corona Virus) and monitoring the CDC recommendations on how to control the spread of the virus. The safety of our patients and staff are of utmost importance to us.  We kindly ask that you notify us immediately if any of the following apply to you: 

  • Do you have a fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath? 
  • Have you or anyone in your immediate family been in close contact with anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19? 

If you answer yes to either of the above questions, please let a CFI employee know right away.  If possible please call us in advance of your appointment and we can discuss the best way to care for you and your circumstances.   

In addition, we are limiting visitors to our clinic consistent with CDC guidelines.  Unless you are coming for a pregnancy ultrasound, egg retrieval, or embryo transfer PLEASE do not bring anyone else inside the clinic with you to your appointment.  For appointments where visitors are allowed, we ask you to EXCLUDE adults with any illness or children under the age of 12.  By limiting the number of people in our office we are ensuring that we are able to care for everyone in the safest way possible. 

Thank you for your assistance in helping us to ensure that all of CFI’s patients and staff are able to remain healthy during this time. 



                                                              Carolinas Fertility Institute Physicians and Staff