How can IVF be more affordable and increase my chances of success?

IVF, a leading fertility treatment, is a consideration for many due to its effectiveness. However, the significant costs and uncertain outcomes can be a deterrent.

At Carolinas Fertility Institute, we’re excited to introduce the CFI Promise Program. This initiative is designed to make IVF more accessible and increase the likelihood of success in your fertility journey, saving both time and money.

Key features of the CFI Promise Program include:

Eligible patients are offered one fresh IVF cycle, with the option to use all their frozen embryos if necessary. This approach maximizes the chances of conceiving with their own eggs.

In cases where a live birth does not result from the IVF treatment, CFI will provide a refund of up to 50% of the cost.

Distinctively, the CFI Promise Program is available to over 60% of our patients. This is a significantly higher proportion compared to other fertility clinics’ refund programs. The reason behind our broad eligibility is our use of advanced, personalized prediction technologies. These technologies, based on comprehensive data analysis, indicate that a larger number of patients have a higher probability of IVF success than previously assumed. With this technology, we can extend our Promise Program to a wider patient base.

How does our predictive technology work?

The CFI Promise Program utilizes a sophisticated predictive system tailored to the Carolinas Fertility Institute. This system leverages your unique reproductive data to provide an accurate prediction of your IVF success chances. Developed through extensive research, the prediction model considers various factors like age, body mass index, ovarian reserve test results, semen analysis, and clinical diagnosis.

Our medical team will generate a personalized assessment after completing your fertility workup. This evaluation will be discussed in detail during your consultation, providing a clear understanding of your treatment success probabilities.

At CFI, we offer this advanced predictive analysis at no extra cost. We are committed to integrating cutting-edge technology into our fertility counseling to offer each patient a personalized and accurate assessment of treatment success.

Making IVF More Accessible:

By employing advanced, personalized success predictions, Carolinas Fertility Institute can offer refund pricing to a larger number of patients. We are dedicated to making IVF more affordable and accessible, relying on the latest in predictive analytics to set new standards in IVF success evaluation.

Our approach is all about increasing your chances of success and making IVF more affordable by promising

  • Superior accuracy compared to traditional age-based estimates.
  • Extensive experience, analyzing data from numerous IVF cycles and embryos across diverse populations globally.
  • A commitment to helping patients receive more affordable IVF treatments