As if finding ways to cope with infertility was not difficult enough, the process can also take a toll on relationships. It can seem impossible to get on the same page, and the levels of planning can get overwhelming. It is important to step back and recognize those challenges. From there, you can start to see how you can turn a more difficult situation into a place to grow your relationships. 

Understanding Infertility and Relationships

At Carolinas Fertility Institute, we have worked with many couples and their relationships as they go through the infertility journey. Having done so, we know which issues cause the most stress and how they can be geared towards growth instead of frustration. 

Trying To Conceive Can Cause Sexual Stress

During times of infertility, there can be sexual stress. People in relationships feel like they are not supplying the necessary roles to end up with a pregnancy.  According to Penn Medicine, the stress that comes with infertility can cause your cortisol levels to spike. This increase leads to low sexual arousal. This combination of stress and handling infertility matters can be damaging to the relationship. 

The key is finding ways to make sex enjoyable again. When there is the stress of trying to conceive that can make this time feel like a task rather than a way of bonding with your partner. By making this a time that is about each other, it can take some stress off of the idea that the result has to be pregnancy. 

The Process Can Cause Financial Strain 

Not only is there physical difficulty, but the financial strain can create a divide as well. Going through fertility treatments is not cheap, and this can weigh on everyone involved. The costs of fertility treatments can promote a large feeling of stress in a couple. The key to working on this is creating a plan of action on how to make the process work best for your finances. 

By going out of your means, there can be added stress of making sure other areas of your life are covered. The planning can take that stress away as you know that those areas are still being taken care of in the midst of this process. 

Differences Of Opinion 

With all of the decisions being made, there are bound to be differences of opinion in relationships. Once you reach a point where the final choice must be made, it is important to compromise. Hearing each other’s thoughts could give you both more insight into the way you are both thinking about it. 

If there are extreme differences of opinion, it may be time to get your healthcare professional involved to provide a more unbiased idea. They have handled these situations in the past and have real experience in solving the problem for couples.    

Needing Each Other’s Support 

This whole process is not something to go through alone. It is important for both of you to know that the other is there for support throughout the journey. According to the Center for Reproductive Medicine, taking the time to communicate is essential to this process. Even having more instances of connection, whether it be a hug or quality time, can enhance the feeling of togetherness. This process is not easy on either of you, so it is important to take the time to check in with each other. 

Infertility and relationships are very connected. Once you begin the journey to face infertility and find solutions, it can come with challenges that test a relationship. By recognizing these tests, you can be prepared for what is to come. You may even find talking through the issues first can provide insight before it is a real decision. Are you struggling with infertility in your relationship? Carolinas Fertility Institute is here to provide you with care and expertise to find the best solution. Check out our website or give us a call for more information.