At Carolinas Fertility Institute (CFI), we strive to support the minds and bodies of our patients. Here’s a list of three current blogs you may find helpful and interesting.

Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby (Trials Bring Joy).

Chelsea and her husband Josh have been married for nine years and are bravely dealing with their fertility issues. They have been trying to get pregnant since 2009 but Chelsea’s diagnosis of PCOS, a common cause of infertility, has made it impossible to conceive naturally. They are currently undergoing IVF cycles and rely on their commitment to one another, as well as their faith, to remain strong and to keep a positive outlook. This great blog has links to wonderful resources and IVF information.

Dreaming of Dimples

Jessah, the blog’s author, has Stage III endometriosis and has been diagnosed with infertility for a number of reasons over the past half-decade. She describes her blog as, “a warm safe place to open my heart and give/receive support.” In her most recent post, Jessah shares that after multiple failed IVF cycles, she and her husband received the gift of donor eggs.

Lemon Water

This blog, co-written by two friends and is a friendly resource for women who want to lead better lives. One of the most powerful posts is about The Hidden Emotions of Infertility, which discusses how the silence surrounding infertility could be the greatest hindrance to providing high-quality information to women and couples who need it.

We hope you enjoy these resources and will be adding more as we find them.



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