While our team at Carolinas Fertility Institute is here to support you through In Vitro fertilization, we understand the importance of preparation and education when it comes to taking this step in your fertility journey. Understanding the IVF process will help you feel in control while also promoting the best start to your IVF cycle. Whether you are interested in learning more about In Vitro fertilization or you’ve decided to begin treatment, we’re sharing the best ways of how you can prepare for IVF.

Lifestyle Changes

Before undergoing IVF, your body must be healthy and ready for pregnancy. Some of the main lifestyle changes to focus on include:

Eating a Healthy Diet 

Healthy diets that contain plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and foods with high contents of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 have been linked to better fertility outcomes in both men and women. When it comes to alcohol and caffeine, a general rule of thumb is to watch your intake since both of these substances can be detrimental to fertility. Your doctor can make personalized suggestions based on your individual situation.

Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Prioritizing at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is important for your overall health, especially while you prepare for IVF. Keeping your circadian rhythm in check is fundamental for balancing hormones involved in ovulation and conception.

Finding your Exercise Routine

Balance is also key when it comes to activity and exercise prior to IVF. While moderate exercise is beneficial for your overall health, overdoing it with vigorous activity can be detrimental to fertility in both men and women. If you have specific questions about your exercise routine, your doctor can help you find a happy medium.

Avoiding Toxins

When it comes to knowing how to prepare for IVF, a general guideline to follow is if it’s harmful to a pregnancy, it should be avoided during the IVF process. This is the case with environmental toxins like BPA and pesticides. Both chemicals are detrimental to fertility and can significantly decrease the positive outcomes of IVF.

Have the Right Information 

Finding the right sources and information can help answer questions or ease any anxiety as you prepare for IVF. There are also resources that can offer support during IVF, including how to mix and administer injections. Many patients also like to read up on instructions and watch helpful videos prior to beginning injections. Our team at Carolinas Fertility Institute can provide any educational materials or resources suggestions that you may need.

Emotional Preparation 

IVF can be a stressful process with varying implications for your physical and emotional health. It is recommended that you have a solid support system in place so that you don’t feel isolated during this time. Start talking with friends, family, and your partner early to create consistent conversation. Having people in your life that have a sense of what you’re going through will allow you to feel more supported in your fertility journey. Preparing a list of go-to stress-relieving activities can also help you decrease any anxiety you have relating to IVF. Take some time to compile a playlist, stock your bathroom with self-care cosmetics, or purchase a yoga membership. Even having the peace of mind that you have relaxation activities easily accessible to you can help keep you calm throughout the IVF process.

Talk to A Fertility Expert

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