Infertility can be frustrating, isolating, and stressful for many women and couples all over the globe. Our goal at CFI is to make your fertility journey as stress-free as possible, and this includes our dedication to being a resource at any stage of your journey. While we offer many different avenues when it comes to fertility solutions, we wanted to take some time to start at home by sharing five ways self-care can benefit your fertility.


The primary goal of self-care is to decrease stress and to devote some time to relax. There are many different ways to unwind, but if your relaxation routine has you reaching for a glass of wine, it’s time to find another form of self-care. Research shows that even light drinking can increase the time it takes to get pregnant. Instead, turn to meditation, yoga, or even a quiet bubble bath. 

Stress can affect multiple systems in the body, including the reproductive system. In fact, studies have documented a strong relationship between stress and infertility, and have even reported that psychological interventions that aim to lower psychological distress were associated with an increase in pregnancy rates. While mental health professionals are an excellent resource, you can also try to minimize stress at home. In the past, we have examined the benefits of fertility yoga, which is a great option for reducing stress levels. Other research has linked regularly practiced meditation with hormone balance and a decrease in stress. Whatever you envision when you think of “me time,” try to incorporate a stress-reducing self-care activity into your daily routine.

Get Moving

Even if you don’t believe in the idea of a “runner’s high,” there are many forms of activity that can benefit your health, mood, and fertility. Endorphins are released after many various forms of exercise, which means even if you don’t want to get off of the couch, you’ll feel better after having done it. It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t have to become a marathoner to increase your chances of conceiving. In fact, the opposite is true. While too much vigorous exercise may contribute to infertility, moderate exercise helps contribute to a healthy weight, which benefits fertility. Take some time to just listen to music or a podcast and take a walk. Use this time in the day to transform exercise into a self-care routine to unwind from your day or to simply turn off your brain for a short time. 

Treat Yourself

If the at-home face masks aren’t cutting it, take some time to treat yourself to a spa service or treatment, like a massage or even acupuncture. While science hasn’t made any conclusions about whether or not acupuncture can directly help fertility, there has been research that suggests that electroacupuncture may help treat PCOS, a condition that affects fertility. While spa services are a matter of preference, choosing to treat yourself to something special may help relieve stress and promote healthier habits.

Focus on Your Partner

When getting pregnant is top of mind, it can be challenging to find the time to just enjoy your partner. While ovulation kits can help detect when the prime time to have sex, it’s also important to invest in the relationship. Spending quality time together can be a form of self care and reduce stress and increase happiness. Conventional advice suggests that you should have intercourse every other day while ovulating, but there’s no reason not to have intercourse as much as you’d like during your fertile period. With so much already on your to-do list, take time to enjoy your partner, not schedule them into your calendar.

Talk It Out

Stress, anxiety, and worries are often harbored internally, which can elevate stress leading to other health and fertility problems. Expressing your feelings, concerns, and questions can be liberating and healthy. Talk to a friend, a partner, or a relative as a form of self-care. If you feel lonely, refer to our list of online fertility resources, or even write down your frustrations in a journal. Of course, if you have questions or concerns about fertility, one of the fertility specialists at Carolinas Fertility Institutes is here to help.

Talk to A Fertility Expert

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