Infertility can be very isolating and lonely for women who have a desire to start a family. This is especially true when friends and loved ones around you start getting pregnant. While finding social connections with other people who understand what you’re going through is difficult enough, the coronavirus pandemic brought with it a new level of isolation. Social connections were limited and distanced, making it nearly impossible to meet new people or forge new relationships with others also facing issues with infertility. Fortunately, the rise of virtual resources such as telehealth and online events have helped to safely fill the void of social gatherings. The virtual space has also become a viable resource for infertility support. If you’re struggling with loneliness associated with infertility, here are some of our favorite virtual resources for infertility support.

The Fertility Talk: Infertility is a multifaceted issue, and this online resource does an excellent job at touching on many different elements that contribute to infertility. The Fertility Talk is a hub for information, research, and articles that cover topics such as male infertility, female infertility, treatments, mental health, and more. No matter what you may be struggling with in your fertility journey, The Fertility Talk has an easy-to-navigate site that can help make you feel less alone.

The Broken Brown Egg: Did you know that Black women may be up to twice as likely to experience infertility than white women? Enter The Broken Brown Egg: an online resource that aims to empower, inform, and advocate for those experiencing infertility, with an emphasis on the Black experience. What started out as a personal blog transformed into a place for women to share their experiences and information. The Broken Brown Egg website is complete with a virtual events calendar, videos, interviews, book recommendations, and a closed Facebook group which all focus on supporting women facing problems related to infertility.

FertilityIQ: Fertility IQ is a virtual resource for infertility support that features the most up to date information on fertility treatments, outcomes, and more. While support forums can be comforting, they’re not always the most reliable when it comes to delivering factual information or research pertaining to infertility. FertilityIQ is a fertility resource that offers a large array of “courses” that delve into a wide variety of topics. Some examples of these topics are “Fertility for Patients of South Asian Heritage,” Embryo Transfer,” and “Fertility for Lesbian Women Becoming Moms.” While there are more general topics covered by FertilityIQ, this resource provides excellent insight into more specific topics and situations.

Resolve, the National Infertility Association: Resolve’s mission is to empower by knowledge, offer support through community, and to unite by advocacy. This online resource offers three different types of support: support groups, professional help, and a helpline. In addition to support resources, the website also provides an event page with a full calendar of virtual events, a news section with stories applicable to fertility, and many different informational articles.

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