Matters of infertility can extremely impact women’s emotions. One of the most effective ways to move away from negative emotions about infertility is to talk to someone about it. That being said, counseling programs are a great resource to utilize during this time.

At Carolinas Fertility Institute, our partnered counseling program is Three Birds Counseling and Clinical Supervision. There are so many topics going through someone’s mind when it comes to infertility, it can easily be overwhelming. Find help in a place that specializes in it.

Consider Our Partnered Counseling Program 

There are many reasons for you to consider our partnered counseling program. Our goal is to help you find the resources that you need if the following signs apply to you as you work through matters of infertility. No one’s journey looks the exact same, which makes it even more important to take the time to talk through the aspects that are troubling you. 

You Are Struggling With Sadness Over Infertility Matters

Infertility and trying to decide on the ideal third-party reproduction is a stressful time. Realizing that the previous plan you had laid out is not happening exactly can make people feel out of control. At our partnered counseling program, the doctors and staff and equipped to have these discussions with you, as some of them have gone through the experience as well. 

Communicating With A Third-Party For Reproduction Seems Difficult 

Once you have made the decision to bring a surrogate in, it can be difficult to think about the correct ways to communicate with them throughout the process. This does not have to be a worry you hold onto. At the counseling program, you would be able to find resources and advice on the best methods.

Simply understanding that your fertility specialist puts a lot of care into helping you choose the perfect third-party can help that relationship grow.  

You Worry About The Impact On Family and Friends

Matters of infertility can be as difficult to talk to others about as it is to think about. You may not know what you would like to keep private and what you would like to share. It can be overwhelming trying to decide how to have that conversation. At our partnered counseling program, you can learn the most effective ways to have these conversations with your family and friends. 

You Wonder About Telling Your Child Their Birth Story 

While this may be the beginning of your journey, there is already a sense of wonder about how you will tell your child about their birth story. Experience with this is truly helpful in aiding you around this.

While this may be the main subject on your mind, there will even be the chance to confront other conversations that eventually may occur. You can find comfort in this future journey before ever being at the point of needing to have the conversation. 

You Are Looking For More Support 

You may simply just need to feel like you have another person in your corner during this journey. This is a good reason it itself to find the time to incorporate our partnered counseling program. The feelings you are having are not ones you have to have alone. 

Infertility and making decisions on your reproduction efforts come with many different thoughts and feelings. While you may feel like you are overwhelmed from every direction, there are resources you can use to relieve some of those thoughts. Are you struggling with knowing what to say and how to feel around topics of infertility? Carolinas Fertility Institute has the resources to help you. Check out our website or give us a call to find out more about your options with our partnered counseling program, Three Birds Counseling and Clinical Supervision.