As 2018 begins, we tend to set goals for the new year, including healthier lifestyles, more exercise, and new financial goals.  Increasingly, women are also resolving to take steps to preserve their fertility at its peak, while pursuing other goals such as career or education.  This removes pressure from trying to find the right partner at a time when life choices may not coincide with starting a family.  By preserving your eggs now, they can be used in the future.

Ovest, CFI’s egg preservation program, offers the capability of freezing your eggs and building your family on your terms.

We invite you to learn more about the Ovest egg preservation process is by following CFI’s patient Sydney.  Visit and follow her egg preservation experience at @traveling_gypsy for personal insight on her progress.

Carolinas Fertility Institute (CFI), is a nationally recognized leader serving patients from the Southeast and beyond.  The Ovest program captures your current vitality and preserves it for the future.  Like an increasing number of young women, you can take control and preserve your healthy eggs now for future use.


CFI is proud to serve our patients with personalized care and proven results. Our amazing success is due to a combination of professional talent and the latest technology. CFI has been delighting patients since their opening in March 2015, specializing in attentive patient care and treatment resulting in many first-cycle pregnancies.

The practice accepts most insurance plans and offers a range of options for self-pay patients, including IVF, Donor egg IVF, Fertility Preservation and our new Promise Program. Patients interested in obtaining additional information about Carolinas Fertility Institute and our services may call 336 448 9100 or visit us at