When trying to conceive is your top priority, it can be challenging to focus your attention on anything else. Combining the frequent testing, timed intercourse, and rules on what you can and can’t do takes up a lot of your thought process and doesn’t leave a lot of time to enjoy the small parts of your everyday life. All of this time thinking about your fertility journey can make you feel stressed or discouraged. To help alleviate these feelings and put your mind at ease, we’re sharing tips on finding the balance between living life and trying to conceive.  

Exercise and Trying to Conceive

There are a lot of questions about the relationship between exercise and trying to conceive. Some women wonder, am I exercising too much? Is fitness related to fertility? Should I change my exercise routine? While every body is different, there is scientific evidence to support the fact that exercise is key when you’re trying to conceive. In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, research has found that women who exercise 30 minutes a day have a decreased risk of ovulatory-factor infertility. When it comes to your fertility, “too much of a good thing” is possible. The same study found that women who exercise more than 60 minutes per day experienced an increased risk of ovulatory-factor infertility

Certain types of exercise, especially excessive cardio-based activity, may also increase the risk of adverse perinatal outcomes. However, this doesn’t mean that all cardiovascular exercise should be avoided. Finding a consistent exercise routine that feels good for your body will not only keep you healthy but can also reduce stress and get your mind off of trying to conceive. Trying a new class, like barre, yoga, or pilates, can get you excited about exercise and boost your confidence, leading to an overall happier outlook on life.

Find a New Hobby

A new exercise class or routine is just one of the ways you can spend less time worrying about your fertility journey. It’s never too late to explore a new hobby or re-visit a former pastime. Step away from the baby books and infertility forums and re-focus on other activities like painting, reading, playing an instrument, or learning a new skill. Making time for the things you love allows you to take back your time and make the most of it.

Focus on Intimacy

When you’re trying to conceive, sex tends to become more logistical than spontaneous. With so much attention being paid to timing and ovulation, what should be considered fun turns into a chore. In addition, regarding sex as solely a way to get pregnant can put unnecessary pressure on your partner and yourself, leading to more disappointment if the pregnancy test turns out to be negative. Instead of focusing on optimum times for intercourse, try to spend more time focusing on intimacy. Spending time with your partner and reconnecting can help balance out some of the less sexy logistical aspects of your fertility journey while reaffirming your partnership and allowing for moments of enjoyment.

Be Proactive

Sometimes, the best way to find a balance between living life and trying to conceive is to take matters into your own hands. Set aside time for fertility counseling, or speak with one of the specialists at Carolinas Fertility Institute about how to make your dreams of starting a family into a reality. Once you take the first step, you can relax knowing that you’ve been proactive and turn your attention back to enjoying your day-to-day life.

Talk to A Fertility Expert

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