ScopeThe decision about which embryos to select for thaw and transfer is critical for Embryologists. On the day of a patient’s embryo transfer, Dr. Cihan Halicigil, Chief Embryologist at Carolinas Fertility Institute (CFI), evaluates and scores the embryos. Scoring is accomplished by a quick visual scan of an embryo that is rotated in culture under a microscope, so that all sides are visible. He selects the embryos that scored the highest among the group he evaluates.

Dr. Halicigil is a Fertility Lab Specialist with decades of experience in his field. His skill enables him to visually assess and decide which embryos survived thaw and are suitable for transfer.

“Microscopic observation reveals the living cells in the embryos that have been warmed. It really only takes a few moments for us to see which thawed embryos are viable for transfer,” said Dr.Halicigil.

With the vitrification freezing technique used in CFI’s high-tech IVF lab, embryos are expected to reappear from the thaw looking as good as they did going in.

When CFI prepares for a frozen embryo transfer cycle, the Lab coordinates with the clinical staff so that the patient’s uterine lining is synchronized with the thawed embryo’s stage of development at the time of transfer. The embryo needs to be ready to implant and the uterus needs to be ready to receive the embryo. The “window of implantation” is only open during a few days in every menstrual or artificial cycle.

When the timing is right, the embryos are removed from storage and warmed. At CFI, the day 5 or day 6 embryo is typically thawed the morning on the actual day of transfer. This is done to give the embryos a few hours to recover and re-expand before the transfer is performed.

It’s important to note, our storage system at CFI has a secure method of identifying the correct embryos. At transfer, our clinic verifies that the right patient is matched to the right embryos.


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