woman's hands holding red gift box with bow; blog: 7 Gifts for Women Going Through IVF

Although many couples choose to keep their fertility treatments private, if a friend has confided in you about going through in vitro fertilization, your support through the holiday season could make a big difference in their life. The holidays can be stressful enough, but for those coping with infertility, it may be difficult to enjoy a traditionally joyous season. We’ve curated a list of thoughtful gifts for women going through IVF to help bring a little joy this season.

1. Meal Subscription Service

Meal planning can be time consuming enough, but after appointments, treatments, work and daily life, a meal subscription service helps make getting dinner on the table a little easier. You can choose from pre-made meals that just have to be heated up or if your friend or loved one enjoys cooking, other meal subscription services deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions. 

2. Heating Pad

Whether your friend is dealing with cramping or uncomfortable abdominal pain, a large heating pad, one that is big enough to be placed on her stomach and wrapped around her back, could help to bring her some comfort. There are lots of great neutral options available that heat up quickly.

3. Fertility Caddy

With numerous medications to keep track of, organizing bottles, vials and prescriptions can be overwhelming. The MyVitro Fertility Caddy was created by a woman who went through IVF herself and became frustrated with the lack of products to help organize the number of fertility medications. It has trays that fold out and a roomy design to help your friend organize their medications and label when they should be taking them. 

4. Bath Soak

The gift of a therapeutic bath soak might be just what your friend needs to encourage a little self-care. No matter where she is on her IVF journey, a lightly-scented soothing bath soak that she can pour into a warm tub will help ease any tension or aches caused by injections. 

5. Robe, Pajamas and Socks

Pick out a cute set or mix and match the softest robe, pajamas and socks you can find to treat your friend to an outfit she can get comfortable in. Whether she slips out of her work clothes and into this comfy set to unwind when she gets home or she drifts off to sleep in the pieces, she is sure to feel loved. 

6. Soothing Candle 

Pick from soothing scents like eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang and rosemary to find a candle that could help bring her some peace. Help her create a relaxing environment in her home by picking a pretty candle that she looks forward to lighting when she comes home from appointments or a busy day. 

7. Offer to Help

While you can’t necessarily purchase this gift and wrap it up for your friend, offering to help might be the most meaningful gift of all. If she is having a hard time getting out of the house, offer to run errands for her or do her grocery shopping. You can also offer to help take care of dinner that night or even help straighten up around the house. Remember to check in on your friend with a call or a text. Let her know how much she means to you and that you are always there for her if she needs to talk. 

If a loved one close to you is going through IVF, you can let them know that you are there for them by checking in on them or even treating them to a thoughtful gift to help them through their fertility journey. From all of us at Carolinas Fertility Institute to you, we hope you are able to find joy during this holiday season and we look forward to serving you.