Your first visit to a fertility specialist can seem intimidating. The key to walking into it without fear is understanding what will happen during the visit. Depending on the reason for your visit, you will establish different foundations and information with your doctor. The doctors are there to establish a relationship with you as you go on this health journey. 

Your First Visit To A Fertility Specialist  

According to Northwestern Medicine, about 10% of women in the U.S. have difficulty becoming or staying pregnant. With that comes a variety of unique requirements and treatment plans. There are a few commonalities between everyone’s first visit to the fertility specialist. At Carolinas Fertility Institute, we are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. That being said, we wanted to shed some light on that very first visit. 

You’’ll Be Asked About Your Ovulatory Cycle & Medical History

An important part of your first visit to a fertility specialist is going over your current health and medical history. Your doctor will want to know all about your current ovulatory cycle, along with a history of your gynecological and fertility health. Once you have covered the current things to know about your personal health, the doctor will inquire more about your family’s medical history as well to draw possible connections to your issues of infertility.  

It’ll Be A Lengthy Appointment 

Due to the nature and variety of possible infertility diagnoses, your first visit to a fertility specialist can be lengthy. Your doctor is trying to find out everything they need to know about your situation in order to provide the best possible care. 

You May Recieve A Pelvic Exam

During your first visit to a fertility specialist, you may be asked to receive a pelvic exam. This is to give the fertility doctor more information regarding your reproductive health and establish your treatment plan moving forward. 

The Doctor Will Recommend Necessary Fertility Tests 

Once the doctor is aware of your fertility needs, they will be able to recommend necessary fertility tests. Depending on what the problem seems to be in your specific case, there will be different fertility tests that the specialist will consider. 

A few specific fertility tests are listed below, as the Mayo Clinic lays out: 

  • Semen analysis
  • Hormone testing
  • Genetic testing 
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Imaging 
  • Other specialty testing

Each of these provides different information for the doctor to then be able to provide the necessary plan of care. While these may not occur on that initial visit, the doctor will be able to get you started on those next steps and schedule the appointments. 

Discussion Of Fertility Treatment Plans 

After fertility tests are complete, your doctor can start creating your treatment plan. This may include a multitude of details that they will be able to go over with you in-depth. The first visit to a fertility specialist is the beginning of a long journey. However, your doctor is there to ensure that the plan you create is the most effective solution. 

Your first visit to a fertility specialist does not have to be a surprise. Almost every initial visit entails the exact same processes, varying only in what you will need versus what someone else would. Just as your health is not the same as anyone else, your fertility falls into the same category. Are you nervous about your first visit? Don’t be! At Carolinas Fertility Institute, we are there to support you on your journey and provide the comfort of knowing you are in good hands. Find out more on our website or give us a call! We look forward to seeing you for your first visit.