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One of the technically advanced systems utilized by Carolinas Fertility Institute (CFI) is Embryoscope™ – an incubator that maintains the necessary physiological conditions required by a living embryo while they are in the IVF laboratory. An incorporated time lapse system with a camera continuously captures images and records a video of the embryonic development.

The EmbryoScope technology ensures optimal embryo development by allowing close observation while maintaining stable embryo culture conditions.

CFI’s Chief Embryologist, Dr. Cihan Halicigil, is in charge of the IVF lab and is a strong proponent of the technology’s use.

“In today’s lab environment, the EmbryoScope is a key to monitoring and nurturing embryo development,” said Dr. Halicigil. “The EmbryoScope environment for the embryos emulates the womb and there’s no need to remove them for observation, as it’s a self-contained system. It’s enhanced our ability to select the best embryos and achieve success.”

EmbryoScope has been used in more than 300,000 patient treatments worldwide since 2009. At the heart of the system is the EmbryoScope incubator which ensures stable incubation while automatically taking images of the developing embryos at defined intervals. This information is transferred to the ES server so that it can be accessed conveniently from computer stations.

The EmbryoViewer software has been developed with input from leading embryologists around the world and includes all the tools needed to register embryo development, analyze the data and provide a ranking of embryo development potential.

“The software allows me to view different time lapse views of embryos as they develop,” said Dr. Halicigil. “This makes it easier to select the most viable embryos for transfer.”

Using the EmbryoScope time-lapse system verses traditional culture and evaluation showed a relative increase in ongoing pregnancy rate of 23% while early pregnancy loss was reduced by 36% in multiple scientific studies.


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CFI currently has among the highest IVF success rates in the nation due to a combination of professional talent and the latest technology. CFI has been delighting patients since their opening in March 2015, specializing in highly-personalized treatment and resulting in many first-cycle pregnancies.

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