If you have made the decision to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), you want to partner with a fertility clinic who is committed to providing you with the latest technology and experience using that technology. During the IVF process, you must place your faith in the hands of the embryologist who works diligently to ensure that your embryos are strong, healthy, and ready to grow into a strong and healthy baby. Through the use of their lab, embryologists work tirelessly to ensure your embryos survive the fertilization process as well as the implantation process.

Introducing EmbryoScope® Time Lapse System

It is no secret that embryologists have a difficult job. That is why Carolinas Fertility Institute invested in the EmbryoScope® Time Lapse System. This system was developed after 9 years of extensive research to aid embryologists during the critical first five days of embryo development.  EmbryoScope®  is a time-lapse imaging system, allowing for detailed observation of embryo development, while maintaining stable embryo culture conditions. Since 2009, the EmbryoScope® has been used in more than 300,000 patient treatments nationwide.

How Does EmbryoScope® Work?

At the heart of the system is the EmbryoScope® incubator which ensures stable incubation of the embryos, which is key in the IVF process. While the embryos are in incubation, the EmbryoScope® automatically takes images of the developing embryos at defined time intervals. Images are acquired without removing embryos from the incubator, minimizing manual handling of embryos outside the stable incubation conditions, and leaving the embryos undisturbed at optimal growth conditions. Using special software, these images are then used to create a time-lapse sequence of embryo development.

The information acquired by the EmbryoScope® system is then transferred to the EmbryoScope® server, allowing the images and information to be accessed from laboratory computer stations. This information is then used by the embryologists to aid in the embryo selection for the IVF transfer. Equipped with strong evidence from the EmbryoScope®, the embryologist is able to select the embryo that is most likely to result in a pregnancy. Images and detailed information about incubation conditions are stored in patient data files for future reference.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about the IVF process, or how EmbryoScope® is changing the face of IVF treatments, we invite you to contact Carolinas Fertility Institute today. Through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as theEmbryoScope®, our team of fertility experts are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their family dreams. Explore our fertility success rates as reported to SART and learn more about why patients are choosing Carolina Fertility Institute today.