If you are like many women who are ready to start a family, you would go to any length in order to realize your family dreams. However, for some women, conception does not come easy and these dreams have a price tag. Doctors appointments, fertility testing, and fertility treatments all add up and for many families, finding a way to pay for these services can be stressful and disheartening. If you have been researching the cost of IVF or other fertility treatments to determine if you can continue with your dream of a family, Carolinas Fertility Institute (CFI) is here to help.

Introducing the Promise Program

At Carolinas Fertility Institute, we want IVF to be affordable for every family. We also want to ensure the highest possible chance of success. With these goals in mind, CFI has adopted a program called the Promise Program. For only slightly more than the cost of a fresh IVF cycle, the Promise Program allows eligible patients to undergo one fresh IVF treatment, plus the ability to use all of their frozen embryos, if necessary to have a baby with their own eggs. If these IVF treatments do not result in a live birth, CFI will refund you up to 50% of the cost.

Who Is Eligible for the Promise Program?

To determine if you are eligible for the Promise Program, we use the Univfy Pre-IVF Report to  provide us with highly accurate, personalized predictions of your IVF success using your reproductive data, such as  age, body mass index, ovarian reserve test results, semen analysis and clinical diagnosis. This report is unique in that it does not limit refund eligibility based on artificial age or blood test cut-offs. Using this information, CFI has been able to offer the CFI Promise Program to approximately 60% of our patients, higher than many other fertility clinics.

Mitigate Your Cost of IVF with the CFI Promise Program

At CFI, we want our patients to be successful in their journey to parenthood. This program is one indication of how dedicated we are to this goal. When you choose CFI for your fertility treatment, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that we will never try to “sell” you a treatment that we do not believe has your best chance for success.

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Don’t let the cost of IVF get you down. Contact our office today to learn more about the CFI Promise Program and request an appointment to meet with our exceptional team of fertility experts. We look forward to working with you.