You can help a family achieve their parenting dreams by becoming an egg donor.

Egg Donor Qualifications:

  • Good physical and emotional health
  • Age 21-29
  • Proven fertility is desired, but not required
  • Stable social and sexual status
  • Drug and nicotine free
  • Healthy weight/height ratio
  • Free of communicable disease
  • Within travel distance to Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or Asheville
  • Flexible schedule

Throughout the Carolinas there are families who are unable to become parents on their own, so they reach out to the Carolinas Fertility Institute (CFI) for help. Our nationally renowned fertility experts guide each family on their journey to parenthood using the latest and most advanced reproductive techniques.

Every year CFI relies on hundreds of healthy women between the age of 21-29 to become egg donors to help these families achieve their dream of parenthood.

CFI’s egg donor candidates are women who lead healthy lifestyles and have a strong commitment to helping others. Our donors’ participation is completely voluntary, and they are fully compensated for their time, inconvenience, and risks undertaken. CFI’s highly specialized team of medical professionals works closely with egg donors throughout the process to ensure their health is the highest priority.

Women interested in becoming an egg donor should begin by completing the form to the right to go to our application. If the screening application is accepted, a secure and confidential online donor profile access will be sent to you via e-mailed.

The information submitted through this application is reviewed by the Third-Party Reproduction Program Team. If accepted, an in-office donor interview is scheduled. The interview is performed at CFI in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, or Asheville.