If you struggle with conceiving, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with infertility for many reasons. In fact, About 11% of women of reproductive age in the United States have experienced fertility problems. However, infertility is more than just a medical condition— it is both an emotionally and physically painful journey. It can be reassuring to hear of other women and their stories when dealing with these issues. Fertility podcasts are a great way to feel supported and hear others’ stories, all while gaining a better understanding of your body.

The Best Fertility Podcasts

Here at Carolinas Fertility Institute, we understand that when faced with infertility, every couple goes through their own struggle. These podcasts can help women who are experiencing infertility to feel empowered and less alone in their journey. Continue reading to learn more about five of the best fertility podcasts available in 2023.

1. Dear (In)fertility Rescripted— Kristyn Hodgdon

Co-founder Kristyn Hodgon is dedicated to reaching her audience through conversations regarding fertility, infertility, and pregnancy loss. The podcast’s episodes are under an hour long and cover pregnancy announcements, negative pregnancy tests, insensitive comments, relationship challenges, work and infertility, pregnancy loss, and so much more. Each season features a new fertility expert who answers real-life questions for those struggling to conceive. Looking for further resources? Check out Dear (In)fertility’s website for more https://rescripted.com/

2. Infertility Feelings— Jesse And Doug

Fertility podcasts are a great way to help navigate the struggles associated with the inability to get pregnant. Infertility Feelings, founded by Jesse and Doug Brown, is a podcast that follows this couple through their journey of infertility without success for the past decade. In 2019 the pair founded Uniquely Knitted, a nonprofit organization that dedicates its time and efforts to heal the traumas of infertility and end the isolation associated with struggling to conceive. 

3. Fertility Docs Uncensored— Various

Dr. Susan Hudson, Dr. Abby Eblen, and Dr. Carrie Bedient are three board-certified endocrinologists passionate about providing factual information regarding infertility. The three doctors combine their scientific knowledge and personal experience to answer your questions with a light-hearted approach. The episodes cover a wide range of topics, including recurrent pregnancy loss, thyroid disorders, age and infertility, PCOS, and more.

4. Fearless Infertility— Jenica Parcell

Jenica Parcell is a certified life coach who has undergone three IUIs and three rounds of IVF. Jenica aims to leave her listeners empowered, in control and encouraged to continue their journey. She shares the exact tools, strategies, and resources she used during her struggles with infertility. Join Jenica as she works to create peace, joy, and confidence for all of her listeners. 

5. As A Woman— Natalie Crawford, MD. 

Fertility podcasts can be a great resource in helping you understand your fertility. Dr. Natalie Crawford is passionate about setting straight conflicting information about infertility. Her mission is to empower women with education and facts about their bodies and fertility so they can make informed decisions allowing for optimal health. Listen in as Dr. Natalie Crawford educates and empowers her listeners, giving people access to the knowledge she’s acquired on health and fertility throughout her time as an MD. 

Needless to say, infertility can feel incredibly lonely. Rest assured, you are not alone. Fertility podcasts can help you feel equipped to handle anything this journey may throw your way.  At Carolinas Fertility Institute, we are dedicated to helping you turn your parenting dreams into a reality. We provide the latest and most technologically advanced treatment options for fertility. If you are struggling to get pregnant, we can work with you to devise a personalized treatment plan. Call us at (336) 448-9100 to make an appointment in the Triad or (844) 686-2233 for our Charlotte office.