Attending an artificial insemination appointment for the first time can seem intimidating. Even if you have read up on all of the possible information and resources, it can seem like you are suddenly unprepared when the actual day arrives. That is why a description of what to expect at the appointment is very useful for new patients. 

Experiencing An Artificial Insemination Appointment

An artificial insemination appointment does not have to be an overwhelming experience. Read through the following explanation of what that day will look like to get some peace of mind. You may even find it is even less intensive than you had previously expected it to be. At Carolinas Fertility Institute, we want to ensure you feel confident and comfortable going into any procedure at our practice. 

Before You Arrive

Leading up to your appointment there are a few things to keep in mind. Some of these things are completed by your doctor before your arrival. The Mayo Clinic lays out these two things for easier understanding. It comes down to preparation and timing to ensure the most effective artificial insemination appointment. 

Before the appointment, the sperm sample you provided is prepared. This is done by the medical professionals as they wash the sample to rid it of lower quality sperm and other elements, leaving behind the small, highly concentrated sample of sperm for use. 

Apart from the sample, the timing of the procedure is very important. This means that you must be monitoring for ovulation using an at-home urine ovulation predictor kit. This can also mean using injections that boost the number of eggs ovulating at one time. Once you determine that you will be ovulating soon, the doctor will plan out the timing of your procedure to be one or two days after finding that you are ovulating. 

During The Appointment 

Once you have arrived at the appointment, the procedure will begin. This typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes, but the insemination itself only lasts around a minute or two. The entire procedure should be conducted by a certified medical professional. 

This procedure is done by the patient lying on an exam table in a similar manner to that of a pap smear. The medical professional then inserts a speculum into the vagina. From there, the medical professional attaches the vial of the sperm sample to a catheter. The catheter is entered into the vagina to the uterus, as the sperm sample is pushed through the tube into the uterus. During this time, people often experience the feeling of cramping as the procedure is occurring. Finally, all materials are removed from the vagina. 

After The Procedure Is Over

Once the procedure is over, you remain on the exam table for a few minutes in the same position. Johns Hopkins Medicine details what you can do after the appointment. You are free to go about your daily activities with a chance of spotting possible throughout the next few days. After the procedure, you can return to all normal activities, including intercourse. If you notice that spotting is continuing or you are seeing other issues, it may be a good time to call and discuss them with your doctor.    

Your artificial insemination appointment is not something to fear. With this description of what your day will entail, you can arrive at your procedure ready and not wonder what is going to happen. You can find even more information about an artificial insemination appointment from your care provider. Are you looking to schedule an artificial insemination appointment? Carolinas Fertility Institute is here to help in any way we can. Check out our website or give us a call to find out more.